Everyday is a new battle she believes she cannot win,

behind her smile, she hides the pain that lies deep within.


She searches for her new beginning, trying hard to let go of the past,

 dreaming of calmer, happy days and good times that will last.


While she sees only darkness, around her dances light.

Worn down by the warring, but never giving up the fight.


As fragile as a butterfly she sometimes appears to be,

but her strength makes her wings unfold, her true beauty for all to see.


Inside the voices churn and quarrel making her worry and doubt,

but those who love and need her never go without.


Despite the silent torment that leaves her feeling bare,

She envelopes others in her love, there’s always plenty to spare.


Many days the pain makes her believe she’s not needed at all.

Always in her heart, there’s fear she may stumble and fall.


So each night I beg you to hold her tight to your beating heart,

so that one day she realises she’s your whole world, yes every part.


by Emma Jane