Making sure families can assess the support they need is vital.

Often the first person families will seek help for birth trauma or PTSD from will be healthcare professionals.

Sadly birth trauma isn’t always understood or the signs seen by those caring for families.

Healthcare professionals must be given training to help them understand birth trauma and the impact it has on families. This is important because it can play a vital part in families getting support. When healthcare professionals are aware of the signs of birth trauma and PTSD, where to signpost families for help and what they can do to support them, it can lessen the devastation that birth trauma and PTSD can ravage those affected.

I use my lived experience to help train healthcare professionals, birth workers and others on birth trauma, PTSD, emotional well-being, improving maternity services and how we can all work together to give families the care they deserve.  Public speaking can be a great way to help raise awareness.

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