Faces of Birth Trauma is a project to raise awareness of the diversity of birth trauma.

Birth trauma can affect anyone. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, how old you are, what you do for a job or your economic status. It doesn’t matter how you give birth, where you give birth or how much you have planned and prepared your birth.

Birth trauma can result from what may appear to be the most calm of birth or the most traumatic. What determines if a birth is traumatic is the person’s perception of their experience either as the woman or as a birth partner.

Faces of Birth Trauma is to share stories* of birth trauma and the people it affects. To show the many aspects of what causes trauma, such as medical interventions or poor care. It is to show the diversity of those affected and the impact on them and their families. It is also to help those who care for women and their families how we can reduce trauma and improve the support we give so that we not only keep women physically safe during birth but emotionally safe too.

Why is it important to share the stories of the many affected? Because doing so can be healing both to those who share their story but also to those who hear them. It helps others from feeling alone, gives hope of recovery and increases understanding, as well as reducing stigma.

The stories are moving, inspirational and heartbreaking. They show a glimpse into the pain that is birth trauma and how it changes lives.

The stories also give us the opportunity to learn. To learn how to prevent birth trauma, improve the care we give women and develop services to support them when help is needed.

It also reminds all those who care for women during pregnancy, birth and after how important their actions and words are, the ability they have to reduce trauma, and ultimately by showing women kindness and compassion while respecting their choices they can make a difference to a birth experience.

So please have a read of the brave stories of those who are the

‘Faces of Birth Trauma’.

If you would like to share your story please email unfoldurwings@gmail.com

*Please be aware that stories can be triggering and it is important to be aware of your own emotional well-being and self-care.

The Faces of Birth Trauma Project

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