Can you hear the voices speak?
Is it your ears that they do seek?

Some a quiet, some are strong.
Do you know to whom they belong?

Voices that carry words of pain.
Often quivering from the strain.

Others full of worthy praise.
Filled with happy yesterday’s.

Voices of those for whom you have cared.
Do you know how they have faired?

Their stories give us what is true.
To help make things better and new.

What do these these voices ask of you?
That depends on your point of view!

They ask for compassion, kindness too.
to take a walk in their shoe.

Are you listening to the voices all around?
Or to you do they make an awful sound?

Do you turn your head away?
Or do your eyes your thoughts betray?

Instead let the voices fill your soul.
Let them make you see things as whole.

For voices carry words as gifts to us all.
Words that can lift and cause us all to soar.

There many who are sharing their voices and experiences to help improve birth and care given by maternity services. It is so important we listen and hear to makes birth better.


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